• Auto-reconnect
    Kube Forwarder watches for connection status and always tries reconnect on failure
  • Multiple clusters support
    Bookmark and forward Kubernetes services from multiple clusters easily like never before
  • Share bookmarks
    Use import and export functionality to share bookmarked services with your team or simply backup it
  • Zero native dependencies
    Use port-forwarding without installing kubectl and avoid explanations to developers on how to use it
Forward multiple services
at the same time
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Port Forwarding Advantages
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  • Security
    You don't need expose services to the global network, install extra Auth reverse proxy services or use a VPN
  • Works everywhere
    Using reverse proxy does not work with all services and requires extra configuration from developers, when port forwarding works with almost any services out of the box
  • Simple debugging
    Connect to any pod with port-forwarding in the cluster and investigate the problem, without exposing your service globally
Kube Forwarder Works With
Open-source. Find on Github